Job Openings at Delta Air Lines: Learn How to Apply

As one of the oldest airlines in the United States, Delta Air Lines is known to be a major player in the airline industry. Working at Delta Air Lines means that you get to have better career opportunities than many other airline companies out there. You get to carry the prestigious title of having Delta Air Lines on your resume.


Delta Air Lines is also one if not the best places to work and is known to be one of the most challenging airlines to get hired. If you're trying to apply for a job at Delta Air Lines, you will need to pull out all the stops.

Check out how to apply for jobs at Delta Air Lines with the guide below.

Job Openings at Delta Air Lines: Learn How to Apply
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Is It Hard to Get a Job at Delta Air Lines?

Delta Air Lines has one of the strictest qualifications out of any airline in the US. This also means that they only hire very few people for specific positions within the company. 

Job Openings at Delta Air Lines: Learn How to Apply
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In a recent interview, one of the heads of recruitment even mentioned that they only hire around 0.5% of flight attendant applicants. 


Out of thousands of applicants in other sectors of the airline, only a few of them can pass the application stage and get hired. 

This might mean that it is very difficult to apply but it does not mean it is impossible as long as you have advantages.

What's It Like to Work at Delta Air Lines

When it comes to customer service, Delta Air Lines is one of the best in the industry. They are unmatched in their hospitality and service towards their customers. 

This is why they screen as many applicants as possible and only hire those who truly reflect the company's mission. 

Only the exceptional applicants will get pass through their application process. This should be a challenge for anyone interested in applying for jobs at Delta Air Lines.

Discover the Benefits of Delta Air Lines

While the airline is notorious for having the strictest application process, it also offers its employees many employee benefits

Job Openings at Delta Air Lines: Learn How to Apply
Image Source: Delta News Hub

This makes it even more enticing to apply for jobs at Delta Air Lines knowing that you will be taken care of once you work for them. 

Check out what's in store for you when you get hired at Delta Air Lines

Travel Perks

Employees at Delta Air Lines enjoy travel benefits and perks, such as travel privileges. They can use the airline to travel to different destinations all over the world

Through the Delta Vacations benefit, they even get discount packages on vacations. You can enjoy your time off, especially when you take full advantage of this benefit.

Proper Compensation

Delta Air Lines employees are properly compensated with highly competitive salary rates. They are also offered comprehensive benefits packages that include medical insurance, retirement plans, and even profit sharing. 

With the travel privileges and the employee benefits that you get, you won't have to spend a single dollar on your salary to enjoy your life outside of work.

Career Development

When working at Delta Air Lines, you are also entitled to enroll in programs that help further develop your skills through development programs. 

They even offer different learning modes, such as mentorships, resource groups, e-learning programs, and more. 

The goal is to help you develop your skills or learn new ones to prepare you for more challenging and fulfilling roles in the future.

What Does It Take to Get Hired at Delta Air Lines?

The requirements to get hired at Delta Air Lines depend on the position that you're applying for. 

Job Openings at Delta Air Lines: Learn How to Apply
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Many positions require a high school diploma or a college degree and, to some extent, extensive experience in the chosen field. You are also required to have a US passport and fluency in English. 

The official website provides all of the requirements and qualifications for the position that you're interested in.

How Long Does It Take to Get Hired?

Once you submit your application, the hiring process usually takes about a few weeks. The job interview can last up to a few hours, depending on the role you're applying for, and it can take a few more weeks to get back to you. 

You should extend your patience at this time. They are screening countless applicants and only want the best to get through to the next step.

How to Apply for Jobs at Delta Air Lines

The application process at Delta Air Lines can be done online, but the rest of the process may require you to come to their office for further evaluation through interviews and other methods. 

Job Openings at Delta Air Lines: Learn How to Apply
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As mentioned above, it can take several weeks for the entire process to complete.

Create Your Profile and Fill Out the Application Form

To apply for jobs at Delta Air Lines, you need to create a profile on their official website

Provide all of the information on your profile or you can link your LinkedIn profile to the website to make it more accessible and convenient. 

Select the job opening for which you wish to apply and fill out the online application form. Then, upload the required documents as necessary.

Prepare for Several Rounds of Tests and Interviews

The airline will also conduct a series of tests to evaluate your communication and interpersonal skills. Your answers will still impact your overall application status, so be mindful of them. 

After that, you will be scheduled for a few rounds of interviews. It will take a few weeks for them to get back to you after the interviews.

Job Offer and Onboarding

Once you pass all of the steps, they will contact you again to come back to their office for the job offer. Read the contract thoroughly before you sign it. 

You will then begin your onboarding process and training will begin shortly after.


It's no wonder Delta Air Lines is one of the most coveted airlines in the US. They offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits package that everyone else will envy. Check the website today to see if you can apply for jobs at Delta Air Lines.