Job Openings at Air Canada: Learn How to Apply

The airline industry is known for having one of the most challenging job applications. You have to go through a lot just to get the job. And while it can be difficult, it is not impossible to get a job, especially at Air Canada.


Air Canada offers a wide variety of job opportunities, including flight attendants, flight operations, information technology, and so much more. You can easily apply for any of the jobs you're interested in in many ways.

Learn how to apply for jobs at Air Canada with the guide down below.

Job Openings at Air Canada: Learn How to Apply
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Discover the Job Openings at Air Canada

Air Canada offers a myriad of job opportunities for skilled individuals. 

Job Openings at Air Canada: Learn How to Apply
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These job opportunities range from in-flight services to customer services and even to administrative and professional positions. 


Check out the available job openings that await you at Air Canada.


Pilots are among the most in-demand positions, and they are readily available for those who qualify. Applicants must have 2,000 hours of fixed-wing flying time and have completed schooling. 

They must also have a Canadian Airline Transport Pilot License and a current Group 1 Instrument Rating. Additionally, you must have Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status to qualify.

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants are very important in every trip. They cater to the customers' needs and ensure everyone's comfort and convenience on the flight. 

To qualify, applicants must be 18 years of age and eligible to travel, which means they need to have a valid Canadian passport that allows them to travel to all countries that Air Canada serves. 

You must also pass the Air Canada medical standards and have security clearances.

Aircraft Maintenance

There are a lot of career options for those who want to work in the field of aircraft maintenance. There are aircraft maintenance technicians, aircraft avionics technicians, aircraft sheet metal technicians, and many more. 

All of these job openings are responsible for the maintenance and airworthiness of all aircraft used by Air Canada. They all play a very important role in the airline's operations.

Where to Apply for Job Openings at Air Canada

There are many ways for you to apply for job openings at Air Canada. You can check out their official website to find the job openings available for applications. 

Job Openings at Air Canada: Learn How to Apply
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Their website allows you to review the job description, requirements, and qualifications for application as well as immediately apply for the job should you be interested. 

You can also check their official LinkedIn profile to find more in-demand jobs at Air Canada. Check your local listings to see if there are job events for Air Canada in your area.

Benefits of Working at Air Canada

Aside from the prestige of working in such a world-class company, one of the many perks of working for Air Canada is the employee benefits. 

All employees under Air Canada receive healthcare packages, special rates on airfare for Air Canada employees and their direct family members, insurance programs, pension or retirement plans, and even vacation allowances. 

You can learn more about the other benefits, especially your salary rates, during your job offers once you're hired by the airline.

How to Apply for Job Openings at Air Canada

Once you meet the qualifications and requirements to apply for the job opening you're interested in, it is best to follow the hiring process for the position. 

Job Openings at Air Canada: Learn How to Apply
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The hiring process is a guide consisting of several steps for you to follow to ensure that you get hired the fastest way possible. 

Preparing the Documents

During the hiring process, you must prepare several documents based on the position you're applying for. You must have copies of your licenses, certificates, and a very important resume. 

Remember that incomplete requirements, such as your documents, will likely cause delays in your application. To avoid having your application delayed, create a checklist of all the required documents beforehand.

Applying Online

As said above, the best way to apply for job openings at Air Canada is to apply online. Head to the official website and click Careers, then choose the job opening you wish to apply for. 

You will be redirected to another window where you must fill out even more details, such as your personal information. 

Attach the required documents alongside your resume at the end of the online application form. Make sure that you review everything before you submit.

Attending the Scheduled Interview

You will need to wait for notifications regarding your application. This can take a few business days to a week. If they're interested, they will schedule you for an interview with the management. 

This can be an initial phone interview followed by a personal interview. When they provide you with the schedule, be there on time and avoid getting late. 

The initial interview is about your work history and usually lasts around 30 minutes. Depending on how well you answer their questions, any following interviews can last up to an hour or so.

Settling Your Contract

Should they be interested in hiring you, you will be invited back to their office for a contract signing. The contract will contain your salary rate, the responsibilities you must fulfill, and the role you'll play within the company. 

You can always negotiate your terms with your employer if you want to improve their offer. 

Starting Your Training

After signing the contract, you attend several weeks of training to ensure that you are properly oriented to your work. 

Before you start your training, you'll be toured around different facilities and departments. This will help you understand how each department within Air Canada works. Familiarize yourself and ask questions should you need clarification. 

You're given proper training to help equip you with the proper knowledge and techniques for providing services to Air Canada's loyal customers.


If you're considering job openings at Air Canada, it is always best to learn how to apply online. This makes it a lot easier and convenient for you to apply for one of the most difficult jobs.